MIVICO Minerals, always near you

MIVICO names a company with more than forty years of activity. Our experience and the effort to improve support us. Besides, we count on the privilege of having an extreme quality raw material, getting thus, that our manufactured products comply with the most exigent requirements that the customer demands.

Our geographical situation makes us lucky twice. On the one hand, being in the heart of Andalusia and very few minutes away from the autovía A-92, leads to transport our goods, in fast, safe and economic way. In addition, we are one hour away from the port of Malaga and Seville and a bit longer from the port of Algeciras.

The best raw material

On the other hand, we are also fortunate because in our placement one of the most pure and white calcite quarries are located. Anyway, MIVICO supplies a wide range of mineral products, so, our company look for the best quality far away our borders, wherever it exists.

The fact of having the quality so close, does not mean any advantage but responsability. A continuous commitment with the customer which forces us to offer the best prodcut joined to the best service. It is a daily work because minerals appear in our lifes on a daily basis.